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James Rabun


Hello, my name is James Rabun. I am a Father of four and a PawPaw to two grandchildren. I have always enjoyed the opportunity to create and design in any way I can. The love of art discovered in my early childhood years continued to develop through High School and College. It is very easy for me to express myself through art and music. Yes, I said and through music. In the past five years I have discovered the talent of helping others express themselves, whether in their ministry, music and of course their business. Here at Trans4mation Media, we realize that clients can go anywhere for service. There are several people in this world that are designed with the same talents, so…… what makes our company different? We listen, we create, we think and we deliver all while maintaining a great working relationship. Most people try someone because of recommendations and they stay for the relationship and satisfaction. Let our team of designers help you express yourself and let’s get those working relationships started.
E-mail: james@trans4mationmedia.com
Phone: (615) 807-0772

Tammy Rabun

Vice President

Hello, thank you for visiting our website! My name is Tammy Rabun. I am a mother of four and grandmother of two. I love my family with everything in me! I was widowed in 2005 at the age of 33 and that was quite a journey in itself. I owned a company with my first husband and had to learn things very quickly and the “hard way”. The loss was very hard but the journey of life after a 14 year marriage with two children and a company was definitely teaching me lessons. The lessons learned in keeping a company up and running after a tragedy have taught me to rely upon the Lord and how important relationships are in every season of life. In 2006 I met James Rabun and we were married later that year in November. He was a huge part in my healing process and continues to be a blessing to me. I adore the talented man that God has given me and I am so proud of all his accomplishments. Through serving our local ministries and his employment with other companies, I have seen him help others succeed. Now we are venturing the corporate world together and I am excited!!

E-mail: tammy@trans4mationmedia.com
Phone: (615) 807-0772

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